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Vinyasa Yogashala

A 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
School In Rishikesh, India
Registered With Yoga Alliance USA


200 hours yoga teacher training
courses in Rishikesh

Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh, India

Vinyasa Yoga Shala is Creative. Inspiring. Dynamic.

Vinyasayogashala is a certified yoga school by yoga alliance USA. A 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training is a comprehensive course that covers Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa flow Yoga, Breathing techniques, Meditation, Pranayama, anatomy & physiology of body in yogic way, philosophy of yoga, the classical way of learning from experienced teachers and gurus.. The 28 day course is Yoga Alliance certified, preparing you to spread the knowledge of Yoga to others.

Vinyasayogashala is Creative, Inspiring and Dynamic. Our goal is simple; to inspire others by sharing our extensive yoga knowledge. VinyasaYogashala  is the  school in the  Yoga Capital of the world, that offers Yoga Alliance Teacher Training with a focus on Vinyasa yoga.


In Vinyasayogashala  get the best from  teachers ,  knowledge and experience so you too can reach your yoga goals, vinyasayogashala Catering to students from around the world, Vinyasayogashala offers Yoga Alliance certifications for an intensive 200hr teacher training with a strong focus on Vinyasa flow.

Our concept of vinyasa flows is, let the mind move the body consciously, here its declare to work more on breath, here we work on voluntary actions of body which are to be checked to prevent  consumption of the mento-emotional energy and involuntary action to be control with the help of the creating strong will power. Because the breath is the bridge between the body and mind-means here we see that by working with breath rhythm the body and mind becomes very flexible and detoxified in both the sides. Once the breath is controlled the whole life’s rhythm can be understood easily.

one who can read his breath can read his future’.

  • Upcoming 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Traning In Rishikesh

    • 7th July 2016 – 3rd August 2016 – Fees $1400
    • 11th August 2016 – 7th Sep 2016 – Fees $1400
    • 15th Sep 2016 – 12th Oct 2016 – Fees $1400
    • 20th Oct 2016 – 16th Nov 2016 – Fees $1400
    • 24th Nov 2016 – 21st Dec 2016 – Fees $1400
    • 7th Jan 2017 – 3rd Feb 2017 – Fees $1400
    • 11th Feb 2017 – 10th March 2017 – Fees $1400


Vinyasalitereally (and only)  means movement. There are external movements of body and internal movements of breath and when linking these movements together (inhale up, exhale down etc.) the movements of concioueness may be harnessed. this facilitates the upward movement of the three bandha. Movement is a universal aspect of nature and occurs on many levels simultaneously.

O yogi, do not do asana (posture) without vinyasa”RisiVamana.

The vinyasa in the traditional practice are variations on the theme of ‘Suryanamaskara’. It is from this foundation that all other movements flow. The salute to the ‘Sun’ begins from samastithi (equal upright position). The practice of vinyasa means to come back to this equilibrium from each posture (or after the second side of a posture that has left or right) whether Standing, Sitting, Lying or Inverted. The equilibrium ofsamastithi implies both physical and mental balance.

Vinyasa flow yoga  is a style of yoga that concentrates on a dynamic connecting postures that then create a flow between the more traditional poses. Through breath, the movement of the postures that are always done and are shared with special breathing called ‘Ujjayi breathing’ and the time of posture is held can be determined. The purpose of this style of yoga is to create heat within the body which then leads to sweating and ultimately purification of the body. Vinyasa flow can improve flexibility and strength with a reduced risk of injury.

“Doing a shorter practice and doing it well (with awareness ) is far beneficial than doing a longer practice badly (with an over achieving mind-set).”

What others say about us

Jaime W

Ashish is a great yoga teacher. He’s very knowledgable and has a calm way of talking and giving instruction. Ashish’s classes are enjoyable yet challenging as well. He gives a lot of effort with alignment and helping with getting you further into postures, which I have found really helpful for my own practice.

Dearly missing your classes Ashish.

Jaime W
“I have been to daily Yoga classes with Ashish for about a month in India, Rishikesh. I loved every single class and always looked forward to the next. Ashish has been a wonderful teacher, sharing his knowledge, passion and love for Yoga in every teaching. Thank you Ashish, the experience has been so great that I keep thinking back and missing India, Yoga and the energy there. Keep doing what you are doing to inspire more people 🙂
Maiken Christiansen

Hey! I could write millions of nice words on you, but I keep it short and cool 😉

Ashish is one of the most significant people in my “yoga life history”! I am so happy and grateful I got to practice with him, he is a wonderful soul and a great teacher! He is so skilled and passionate about what he practices and teaches, and he really knows how to pass that on with his own personal style of humor, disciplin and hard work. I can not wait until I get to practice with him again, I recommend everybody to go and experience him by yourself!

Maiken Christiansen
Celeste Fourie

Ashish is an amazing yoga teacher. He is very patient, persistent and inspirational. Ashish teaches in a way that students of all levels can understand and uses effective demonstrations and explainations to help students get from where they are to achieving the goals they are desire. His passion and belief gave me motivation to keep going when I felt challenged. Whenever I get tired in my yoga self practice I always remember Ashish’s voice saying “you can, you CAN!” Which always motivates me to keep going.

Celeste Fourie