Emotional Purification Mantras


“Mother Gayatri,
Oh Gurudeva,
Grant me pure buddhi.
May my mind become immaculate, quiet, peaceful, clear and pleasant.
May all my emotions be purified.
Grant me the spiritual strength to ask for forgiveness with a sentiment of amity.
OM. That (alone is) Real.
May (all this endeavour) be (accepted as my) surrender,
and offering to Brahman.”

Gayatri matah

He Guro, shri-guro
sad-buddhim me pra-yaccha
chittam me nirmalam, shantam bhuyat
sarve me bhavah shudhyantam.
maitri-bhavanaya  kshamam  yachitum atma-balam me dehi
OM tat sat Brahmarpanam astu
Continue to remember this prayer throughout the day. Better would be to get a book and write this prayer a few times in the day so that you will know the purpose of Gayatri Japa. And reflect on the purpose while reciting the mantra, “grant me the spiritual strength to ask for forgiveness.” Not spiritual strength to forgive – the spiritual strength to ask for forgiveness. Everyone thinks of themselves as innocent. You do not intentionally do harm to others, but you find yourself helpless by the Samskaras, by the imprints, by the angers, by the self deficiencies, and insecurities that cloud your buddhi, your faculty of discrimination.

So my prayer for you is for the strength to unscrupulously dig out and face your own transgressions and along with your Gayatri practice as for strength, spiritual strength to ask for forgiveness. As I have said, “This is the true festival of spiritual peace.”

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