Yogacharya Dr Sanjeev Pandey Ji

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He is a famous Pranayama and Meditation teacher in Rishikesh, India. His way of teaching is so impactful that it can make everyone learn the art of pranayama easily. His intense knowledge on the subject has been an inspiration for many people. He keeps and presents the familiar techniques of Prayanama & Meditation that make his students confident to practice these subjects perfectly. His unique and dynamic style of teaching is suitable for everyone even for beginners. His techniques are very easy and effective for everyone. He follows tradition of yoga and adapts it to modern way. His teachings are inspired by the traditional texts of yoga.

Pranayama (yogic breathing)-: Concepts and practices of Pranayama including different breathing exercises with Technique, teaching, method, application, contraindication and benefits. In Pranayama, we teach about the prana and its function in our body. The medium of pranayama is the breath. The practice involves guiding the respiration beyond its normal limits to stretching it, speeding it up and slowing it down in order to experience the full range of respiration on both the gross and subtle levels. First few days you will learn basic breathing techniques and after few practices we combined it with advance retention and locks. Students will learn how the breath is important part in our life.

Meditation & Relaxation-: In meditation class we share different concentration techniques for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth like Chakra meditation, Kundalini meditation, Mantra awareness meditation, Breathing awareness meditation. As well as students learn the best relaxation technique “Yoga Nidra”.