What is Vinyasa Yoga and Its Benefits

Vinyasa is an extremely powerful form of yoga. It has its root in Hatha yoga and takes flowing yoga movements into consideration, where the poses are deeply connected with the breath.

When vinyasa yoga is practiced at high speed, it is referred to as power yoga. But to benefit immensely from vinyasa yoga, you should take your time and feel the poses and make sure your breath is in sync with your yoga poses. Continue reading “What is Vinyasa Yoga and Its Benefits”

How does vinyasa yoga tone your body?

The first thought that comes to the mind when people talk of the term yoga is relaxation. This umbrella term includes mental peace and inner happiness. However, what most people forget is that yoga, beyond its stress-relieving properties, is great for toning your body muscles too and improves your overall flexibility. You do not need to toil hard in the gym to Continue reading “How does vinyasa yoga tone your body?”

How Does Vinyasa Yoga Burn Calories

What do you go to a vinyasa Yoga class for? Maybe you go for cosmic energy and spiritual awakening or maybe you go just to burn calories, whatever your reason behind going to a vinyasa Yoga class is, it is sure to offer you a wealth of health benefits. You’ll be surprised to know that a single class of vinyasa yoga that runs for around one hour can burn as many calories as running at a speed of 5 miles per hour. But then the exact value of how much calories you burn will depend on your body size, the intensity of your exercise and your familiarity with the practice of this form of yoga. Continue reading “How Does Vinyasa Yoga Burn Calories”

How to Teach Vinyasa Flow Yoga

There are so many vinyasa yoga coaching centres out there that proving yours to be the best is not a matter of lark. Is there anything you can do differently? Is there anything that proves your yoga class is simply terrific? Do you design your classes uniquely? If yes, you will probably be able to make a lasting impression on your students. If you want to teach vinyasa flow yoga without hiccups and want to offer your students a ‘can’t miss’ yoga experience, then trying out these tips would be the best bet – Continue reading “How to Teach Vinyasa Flow Yoga”

Vinyasa yoga for weight loss

One question about yoga that people often ask is – does it help you lose weight? The answer to that is a proved yes. Yoga can help you get rid of excess fat and tone your body. The best practice for this is the vinyasa yoga.

The word “vinyasa” in simple words means “arranging something in a special way.” In respect of yoga, it means connecting different yoga poses together. Vinyasa yoga’s main objective is to coordinate movement with breath, from one pose to the next. Continue reading “Vinyasa yoga for weight loss”