How to Teach Vinyasa Flow Yoga

There are so many vinyasa yoga coaching centres out there that proving yours to be the best is not a matter of lark. Is there anything you can do differently? Is there anything that proves your yoga class is simply terrific? Do you design your classes uniquely? If yes, you will probably be able to make a lasting impression on your students. If you want to teach vinyasa flow yoga without hiccups and want to offer your students a ‘can’t miss’ yoga experience, then trying out these tips would be the best bet –

The first and most important thing is to be yourself. There are many yoga teachers that switch their yoga mode on as soon as they enter the class. This is not going to take you anywhere. If you want to strike the right chords in the heart of your students, you will have to be real; you will have to be yourself. Remember one thing, when a person is about to do vinyasa yoga, he needs to feel relaxed. And the way you speak to your students coupled with your body language can contribute immensely in making your students feel comfortable inside the class. Trying to be too prim and proper could make your students feel afraid and intimidated.

The string of poses should follow a rhythmic pace as if you are not doing yoga but playing some musical instrument. Having a rhythm in your yoga practice is extremely important to feel connected with it. And no, you won’t have to have experience in playing some musical instrument or some sort of dance form to be able to bring in this rhythm into your vinyasa yoga practice. You can do this effortlessly by practicing a little bit regularly. Make sure you make your students understand the importance of rhythm in Yoga so that it doesn’t become monotonous for them.

Making the right sequence of yoga poses is not an uphill task. Offer a great diversity of postures. To design the right yoga flow that is well rounded by all means, you will have to think like a yoga student and not a yoga teacher. Think like someone who doesn’t have time to do more than one class a week. How will you make sure, that person gets a thorough, rich and strong flow during their class? By trying to answer such a question, you will definitely be able to choreograph your vinyasa yoga sequence extremely efficiently.

By following these steps, you will definitely be able to teach vinyasa yoga effectively.


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