Vinyasa yoga for weight loss

One question about yoga that people often ask is – does it help you lose weight? The answer to that is a proved yes. Yoga can help you get rid of excess fat and tone your body. The best practice for this is the vinyasa yoga.

The word “vinyasa” in simple words means “arranging something in a special way.” In respect of yoga, it means connecting different yoga poses together. Vinyasa yoga’s main objective is to coordinate movement with breath, from one pose to the next. Baptiste Yoga, Jivamukti, Ashtanga,Power Yoga, and Prana Flow are all different yogas performed during vinyasa yoga. While slowly transitioning from one pose to the other, you will build physical strength, become flexible and tone your body. Of the aforementioned yogas, the power yoga is the most effective to lose weight.

Power Yoga is a type of cardiovascular workout. Not only is it easy to do, but if effectively helps you shred some pounds. During power yoga, the internal heat of the body increases, and this in turn improves your stamina. With daily practice, your become flexible.

Power yoga, a type of vinyasa yoga, helps burn out a fair amount of calories, builds strength and stamina, gives your metabolism a boost, makes you more focussed, and the inactive muscles are also toned, flexed, and strengthened.

An hour-long session of cardio will help you lose twice the number of calories if compared to an hour of Power Yoga. But the thing with Power Yoga, unlike cardio, is that it feeds the muscles. Yoga does its work on the core, building the core muscles. For weight loss, you need to build lean muscles and it also indicates an increased metabolism, which burns fat.

The various power yoga poses include basic squats, half plank variation, downward dog, leg rise, abdominal churning and the market asana. You can refer to Youtube videos for the same.

Yoga is always recommended and it does to your body what no other form of workout, at home or in the gym. Although you will not lose weight rapidly, yoga will do your body a whole lot of benefits over spending hours at the gym.


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