Yoga for Beginners

Yoga for Beginners

Yoga for beginners

In today’s time, a solid life is a major test for everybody. Numerous individuals are enduring with various sort of physical, mental and passionate strain. The fundamental driver of this strain is less physical action or overdoing movements in our everyday life. In both conditions, we endure and lead to an undesirable life.

So, What To Do Now?


Everyone knows what Yoga is but let me also give some more elaborations to YOGA:

Yoga is the ancient practice of deepening your awareness of body, mind, and soul.  It is better to understand yoga as a complete practice to release all the tension of the physical, mental and emotional level.

It is the best way to get rid of all of the problems.

From all of the Yoga practice, its physical part is world famous and most desirable or people only think its all about ASANAs.

But, It also has practices like  Pranayama, Shatkarma, Mudra, and Bandha etc. 


For beginners first step to begin yoga practice is ASANA because asana gives great benefits to our body. It develops the control of the body through the practice, which enabled them to control the mind and energy.

Yogasanas become tools to higher awareness, providing the stable foundation necessary for the exploration of the body, breath, mind and higher state.

Other benefits to the body and mind like:-

  • Gives strength to the body.
  • Increase the flexibility of the body.
  • Releases the tension of the muscles.
  • Loosen the joints and makes them healthy and strong.
  • Give good blood circulation in the body.
  • Boost the immunity system.

For these reasons, asana practice comes first in the yoga practice as well as it leads to deepening the other practices of yoga.

People who are new to yoga they should first aim is to increase the awareness of the physical body or gross body.

Many people even don’t know the function and working of the body by the practice of these beginner poses you will start to understand the limitation and function of the body. ( Really it works….)

And here comes The joint movements tada…

The joint movements help you to increase the mobility and flexibility of joint and saves the body from injury.

And this is the best and very adaptive in nature practice anybody can do this no matter you are 10 years of age or 60 years of age may be more…

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 So here we go now look at the steps and follow them.

(On a serious note you can practice them anywhere you want, & I am serious)

  1. Toe bending (10 rounds)————- with inhalation toes up and exhalation down.

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2. Ankle stretch (10 rounds) ——- with inhalation feet up and exhalation down.

3. Alternative ankle bending (right forward and left backward)———inhale and exhale.

4. Ankle rotation (10 rounds each direction) ———-with inhalation up and exhalation.

Yoga for beginners


1.KNEE BENDING (10 times):- Inhale stretch the leg in the front, exhale bend the knee to the chest.

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2. HALF BUTTERFLY (10 times):- Place right foot against the left thigh on the ground, Hold the toes with one hand and the knee with the opposite. Inhale, knee to the chest, exhale press the knee down to the floor.Yoga for beginners

3. Full butterfly (20- 30bounces):

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Note:  After bouncing in the butterfly, sometimes give yourself more stretch by tightening the hips and pushing the thighs and knees towards the floor, keeping the back straight.

  • While setting the elbow between calf and the thigh in butterfly pose bend forward from your hip, and in final position hold the posture up to 5 breathe. Do same with the arm stretch forward after 20-30 bounce.

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yoga for beginners

  • Inhale backward and exhale forward.
  • Inhale center and exhale stretch.
  • Inhale center and exhale twist.

Note: In final position always hold the posture up to 3 to 5 breathe

SHOULDER ROTATION (6-8  rounds, each direction)

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Inhale back and with exhaling, elbow  together in the front side. And Rotate.clockwise and anticlockwise.

Half palm tree (1-2 times, hold with five breaths)

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Have a cross leg(sitting posture) interlock the palms and raised the arms above to the head, the elbow should be straight.

Side bending (elbow straight,4 -5 times bend)

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Half spinal twist (hold 5-10 breathe each side)


Rowing the boat (6 to 8 times each side)

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Inhale back and exhale forward, bend from the hips and look forward always, toes stretch forward, knees straight/together.

CAT  STRETCH  POSEbest yoga teacher training course

  • Inhale Arching your back.
  • Exhale Hunging yor back.

(palms under shoulder, knee under hip, fingers separated, palm, knee, and foot on one line, elbow straight)

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Spinal poses

  1. Half cobra:(1-2 round)
  2. Half locust:(hold 3-5 breathe)

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Crocodile pose(with leg movement)200 hour yttc

Crocodile Pose

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Abdominal poses

1. Raised leg pose (knee straight, one by one):yoga ttc

2.Cycling (10 times, each  leg):YTTC

3.LEG LOCK POSE  (Inhale bend the knee and hold 5-sec normal breathing):

200 hour yttc

4.Universal spinal twisting (3-4 rounds each side with elbows on the floor)5 breaths in the final pose:


5. SLEEPING ABDOMINAL STRETCH POSE.( 10 sec each side):(elbow and lower knee on the floor)


6: Bridge Pose: (4-5 times, hold for 3-5 breathes)



Standing Series 

Forward and  backward bend

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Vinyasa yoga

(3-4 round, hold in final posture up to 3-5 breathe)

Double angle pose (5 breathe hold posture)


(In final posture look up and knee should be straight, face parallel to the floor, People who suffer from back pain should bend the knees to save the back).

Corpse pose (relax for 3-5 min in this with the abdominal breathing)

Yoga TTC

Note:Inhale up(expansion) and exhale down(contraction) (hold the pose up to 3 to 5 breathe).

So here we are, I hope you enjoyed the post, I know its a long post but it worth a lot for the beginners and intermediate yoga practitioners. Yoga is a lot more than just ASANAS.

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Vinaysa YogaShala.

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