Yogi Ashish (The Founder of Vinyasa Yogashala)

Yogi Ashish (The Founder of Vinyasa Yogashala)


6 Years




Ashish is a charming young yoga master with uniqueness in him to attract the learners with his dynamic teaching style. He has been into teaching yoga for seven years and, in this short period, has shown exceptional qualities of a yoga teacher.


Ashish obtained his Master's of Science in Yogic Science from Sanskrit University in Uttarakhand in 2014. Furthermore, Ashish undertook yogic training from the highly accredited International School of Yoga, Ved Niketan Dham in Rishikesh.


Ashish won gold, silver, and bronze at the Straight Level competition in asana. Ashish was also awarded bronze at the Lakulish World Yogasana Championships in 2013. As an explorer and traveler, Ashish has attended many seminars and workshops on physical education, sports, and yoga, giving him insight into many new concepts of yoga from around the world.
hatha yoga
Hatha Yoga

Our Hatha yoga class is followed by traditional way of asana practice. It designed for all level of students whether they are beginner, intermediate or advance. We use the step by step practice method to build the strength and flexibility in the students to go deeper in their practice of yoga. We teach more than 108 Asanas with the correction during the practice as well as its correct alignment. In the class you will learn to bring your awareness into your body, breath and mind. There is so much to learn about yourself.

Adjustments & Allignments

In adjustment & alignment we make students more aware about the Proper alignment and breathing of the posture. As well as learn the different ways to enter in the pose and come out safely from the pose. In every class, students get time to practice together to deepen the learning of adjustment. As well as they get chance to show their skill in the teaching exam.